Rock Your Blues Away

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay I know the title's like super cheesy but I couldn't help it, I just had to post it up.

Anyways, I went down to Rock & Blues at Millenia Walk the other day for some "private sponsored shopping" cause I didn't attend the media launch due to rashes. So nice of them to invite me down again.

Rock & Blues is a shop that carries 4 Japanese cult denim labels - Et Boite, Blue Way, Nippon Blue and Oniarai. So those of you who loves Japanese Street Style, this is totally the shop to go to. All four brands features the special Japanese stonewash called 鬼洗 or guixi. Sounds cool already.

Other than jeans they do carry tees, blouses, jackets, sweaters, accessories, bags and shoes as well and prices range from S$29 to S$399.

Huge variety for everyone.

And my favourite is Et Boite for the ladies cause their jeans fit and slim Asian body types (for example, my big ass!).

Nippon Blue, the character you see on the jeans is called Jizo Bosatsu (King of Hell), he looks cute for someone who's the king of hell though.

Oniarai for the guys, super fine embroidery and did I mention that all 4 ranges of jeans are super light weight as well?

I like, looks super cool.

After walking around, knowing about the brands and taking photos, it's time for me to try on some jeans! I love Et Boite's silver label. In the end I got a pair of boyfriend jeans from Et Boite.

A photo with the people from Rock & Blues: Naomi, Hsin Hsin (owner), Stephanie, Winnie and me.

The store is located at #01-34 Millenia Walk.

A few photos from the catalog.

Et Boite's shiny finish. I like.

Not forgetting the guys.

I like his hair.

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  1. hannah: it literally means ghost wash. haha.

  2. thanks for taking part in the give-away! the 5 winners are Rene, Jolene, Hannah, Han Yan and Rafizah! =)