The First Style Scout Post!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Met up with the people of Ripplevox and Wing Tai last Monday for the briefing session. Basically it's just to let us know what our roles are as a F3 Style Scout, what we have to do and (the most exciting one) the benefits we get as a Style Scout!

I was studying around that area so I went there early and was the first to arrive.

The very nice theatre on the third level.

Introducing my photographer for the night, Mr H.

Sat around and chatted with everyone for awhile.

Basically all five of us will be posting on the F3 Style Scout Blog and it'll be updated almost everyday. There'd be our personal posts and trend posts as well. If there's anything you guys want to see me post on the blog, do let me know! For example, a reader asked me on my Formspring if I could make up and style outfits under a certain budget. Sure, I can do that! I'm thinking of incorporating different pieces from the F3 brands to get looks for various occasions. So make sure you stay tuned cause there'd be tonnes of exciting updates.

Photo taking time! Style Scouts with the Wing Tai Marketing Team and Jasmine from Vocanic.

The Style Scouts! Kae Yuan, me, Lenne, Tarandip and Yusrina.

After photo taking, we went up to the (very nice) rooftop bar to get some drinks and food!

The guys! Mr H, John (Lenne's boyfriend) and Kae Yuan.

My hot girlfriend and me.

Deciding on what drinks to get.

Abby and Lynn.

All in all, it was an enjoyable night! Cheers to new friends (Yusrina, Tarandip and Kae Yuan) and cheers to everyone who've been supporting FOYF!

Photos: Mr H and me




  1. I hosted a Halloween event at The Screening Room, the Theatre was awesome!

    Can't wait to see updates on the Style Scout Blog ;)

  2. yea i know right! yay. i can't wait too. =)