Zouk Flea x 17.10.2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So sorry for the lack of posts, was busy with birthday celebrations. Oh well, I'm officially 22 now but I feel no different.

Anyhoos, went to have lunch with Gen and Muff and after that to Zouk Flea.

This is Lis, she was DJ-ing for awhile that day. How cute is she?

I'd never have the courage to bleach my hair even though I love the effects a lot.

I approached her cause I love how she did her head wrap, too bad I didn't get a close up of it.

This is Yu Ran, he was my senior while we were in secondary school. I love his hat and I want to steal it! Completes the whole look don't you think?

He's no stranger to the readers here, maybe you guys can't recognise him cause he doesn't have his super long hair anymore! Shawn and Rachel had a stall and I dug him out to get a photo. He's carrying the vintage briefcase I got from the flea for $25!

Love the mix of prints.

And super cute hat! He told me that it belongs to Rach.

Gen posing with vintage Ronnie Mcdonalds, Muff got it off Terry (the I-S editor) for $30. Apparently it is super valuable cause Terry told us that he got it for more than $100.

I'll be doing up a couple more posts today, so don't go anywhere!



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