TOPSHOP/TOPMAN We Are 1 (Part One)

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm going to split this up into four parts cause I've got too many photos and I don't want to jumble them all together.

I had school before the party so imagine all the stares I got for my jumper while I was in school *bleargh* but I don't care. Anyway, it was kind of a disastrous day cause anything that could go wrong, went wrong. The button dropped off the dress I wanted Yiu Yiu to wear, the wire for my bustier jumper was sticking out, the strap of Yiu Yiu's shoes came off, my cashcard amount was $44.44 (the pronunciation of four and die is very similar in mandarin) and I realised that left my SD card in my car right after I got to the party. We fixed everything (button and wire) before we went out and luckily nothing bad happened after me forgetting my SD card.

Even though our day started badly but it ended with a bang. The party, the fashion show, the shopping and everything else was awesome. Enough talking, let's check out the photos.

The party was at level 8 carpark in ION and no it wasn't air-conditioned, there were huge fans though (which messes up our hair).

What I wore that day. I don't have a full outfit photo so if you want to check out how the jumper looks like you can click here!

Bustier jumper, Richard Nicoll for TOPSHOP, Hairband, Urban Outfitters, Rings, F21 / Chapel, Shoes, Miu Miu.

I had +4 guests, Yiu, Muff, Muff's sister and YY. YY was late so he had to seat somewhere else and Yiu took this out of focused photo of me and Muff. They gave us something to fan ourselves again (they did that last year too).

My favourite couple, James of La Mode Outré and Stacey!

Only Muff and I got the silver VIP tags so we decided to sit at the Media side together instead.

Yiu and me.

We sat at the first column's first row.

VIP and Media area.

Muff's sister, Daphne., very happy with her Pure Blonde beer.

Finger food! Love the mini burgers!

You can tell that I like them from this photo. Check out my shiny nails.

Miu Miu vs Jannifer Modo (Miu Miu knock offs).

Waiting for the show to start.

And here we go!

Basically the pieces that they brought in for the TOPMAN A/W Collection are all very wearable for our local guys. But there weren't many pieces that were mind blowing, can't blame them, blame our weather.

Striped long sleeve top, an essential.


Love the trench! Guys can totally wear this during rainy days (which is almost everyday now).

I love this faux fur trimmed hooded coat so much but I have to admit that it's kind of mad to wear this in Singapore.

Nice jacket but not feeling the jeans.

All black assemble.

Not every guy can pull this off.

All stylish guys out there should have this jacket, I trust that they would style it in their own unique way.

The final walk.

I'd update about the TOPSHOP's collection, stylish people I met there and more party photos tomorrow and the day after!


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  1. you can buy me some clothes and send them over! thanks!

  2. haha! i've yet to buy your birthday present for this year so you can get one item. =p

    the faux fur trimmed hooded coat?? =)