TOPSHOP/TOPMAN We Are 1 (Part Four)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here are the rest of the photos of that night.

Free Frolick! I didn't get any cause the queue was too long and I was too excited to go shopping.

Models showing us the way to the shop.

You think you can try to electrocute me with your stunning eyes? Nooo.. I'm taken! But I don't mind knowing your name. Oops.

James and YY.

Saw Christy there! I was persuading her to go to the party over Twitter at 4pm that day and she made it!

Got Yiu to get the shiny nails as well.

Didn't know that one guest was only entitled to ONE NAIL. Oh well.

Saw this super cool mini digital camera. YES IT WORKS!

Hung out with John, Chris and Lenne! Sorry my focusing fail.

Should I cut bangs as well?

Ohhh. Fur Trim Hooded Coats! Want much.

After shopping we went back up to get that instant photo thingy, didn't get it beforehand cause the queue was insane!

I styled Yiu for the night in my clothes! Thank god we wear the same size for shoes and most clothes.

Dress, ScarletRoom. Belt, ScarletRoom. Shoes, Jannifer Modo. Ring, F21.

Here's the instant photo thingy. Quite cool.

I had so much fun for the party and it was the best event I've attended so far!

Till next year TOPSHOP!

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