I'm a F3 Style Scout!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I was invited by Jasmine of Vocanic to take part in this competition to be a F3 Style Scout before the TOPSHOP/TOPMAN We Are One Party and since I was already invited to the party and was going to blog about it, why not? Nothing to lose right?

And yeaps, she called me last week to inform me that I was chosen to be one of the five F3 Style Scouts! HAPPY!

If you don't know what the F3 program is about check it out in their website and Facebook page!

The announcement of the Style Scouts on Facebook!

Click on the image for the enlarged version. If you remember, Lenne went to the model fitting session with me and Tarandip is a FOYF reader who just won October Give-Aways for Week Two! How awesome is that.

Anyways, I'll be blogging about the F3 brands (TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge) on the Style Scout blog soon. I'll post up here and link it to the blog as well, there're going to be tonnes of exciting stuff!

I can't wait for the new TOPSHOP/TOPMAN store to open at Grand Park Orchard in December! 3 freaking storeys! I hope there's going to be more variety. You heard it first from FOYF!




  1. Omgosh awesome to the max! Congrats Venetia! (: Can't wait for the new store to open as well!