Care for your bags and shoes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ColorWash invited me to their media launch at Mandarin Gallery last Wednesday and I'm so glad that they did cause I learnt quite a bit that day about caring for and how to maintain our precious bags and shoes.

Before that day, I did notice that there were a couple stores offering bag, leather accessories and shoes cleaning services but I didn't bother to know more about it cause my bags are still relatively new and it just didn't cross my mind that I would want to clean my old and tattered Prada wallet (it's archived in my drawer already). Plus I always had the impression that it's going to cost a lot if I want to clean my stuff cause it seems like a more atas (high class) service right? But boy I was so wrong cause it's seriously not that expensive, well for ColorWash.

They offer cleaning and colouring services. If you're thinking "Huh? What is colouring?", you're not alone! I had no idea what that was as well. Colouring resurrects your leather bags/shoes original colour so that it'll look like it's brand new, you can also request for a change of colour if the stain/discolouration is beyond restoration.

Here's a general price guide.
Shoes from $15
Wallets from $20
Bags from $40

Shoes from $50
Wallets from $70
Bags from $100

They have other services like water protection and moisturising as well, do check out their website for more details.

Enough talk, lets check out some photos.

Prada bag. Before and after cleaning.

Chanel shoes. Before and after cleaning.

Miu Miu wallet. Before and after colouring.

Some photos of the event.

This is Gemma, the found of ColorWash, giving us tips on how to maintain our dear bags.

Benedict Goh giving his testimonial as a client.

I'm bet you can't tell that his Prada shoes are 6 years old, looks spanking new all thanks to ColorWash.

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PS: This is not an advertorial, I just wanted to share this with you guys cause I believe that everyone should have awesome looking bags and shoes!

PPS: If you don't have anything you wish to clean, you can always get the voucher for your mum! I'm sure generally all mums have tonnes of vintage bags and shoes, it applies to my mum.




  1. Oo interesting! Thanks for sharing. My mom would love this (:

  2. I also want to clean! But I'm too late :'(

  3. thanks for taking part in the give-away! the 5 winners are Asmaputri, Peiling, Samantha, Jayxanne and Jolene! =)

  4. pocket101: no problem! there's an OCBC card promotion going on now, 10% off! =)

  5. lenne: awww. haha. i can share mine with you.