TOPSHOP/TOPMAN Fittings x 29.09.10

Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you guys follow my twitter, you should know by now that I went for a sponsored manicure session for the TOPSHOP/TOPMAN We Are One party this Friday and I was invited to view the models fitting session as well. It's all made possible by Jasmine and her company.Thank you so much! I'm very honoured to be part of this.

So here's a sneak peek of what clothes, hot babes and hunky dudes you guys will be seeing tomorrow.

Racks and racks of clothes.

Models waiting for the fitting to start and local model, Sheila Sim, giving me an awesome smile. I have a girl crush on her *blushes*.

I wasn't the only blogger there, Lenne of was there as well. My first time meeting her, she's so cool and we had such a great time chatting through out the whole fitting (which lasted 3 hours!).

Stylists hustling.

SHOE HEAVEN, the only sad thing was that the pair that I love to wasn't in the pile.

Faux Fur! I wish I can wear this in Singapore without sweating bullets.

Hey gorgeous! I've got a girl crush on her too. She looks so much better in person.

Taking photos for the final line up.

The store was really stuffy cause they kind of switched off the air-cons and we were all standing under the spotlights. Everyone (including the models) was complaining about it, so half way through the fittings the staff gave us these mini bottled water which really saved our lives. Oh, that's Jasmine by the way.

How awesome is that Faux Fur Bomber Hat with Rabbit Ears?! I had to stop myself from snatching it from her head.


The male models waiting patiently for their turn. Every guy looks so different in this photo, some of them were giving me cute poses and I think the rest just gave me their model-look face. Ha!

And it's finally the guys turn! Loads of eye candies for Lenne, Jasmine and me.

They were taking their clothes off all over the store! Okay, that's a bit exaggerating. But yes, they were changing out in the open. The girls and I couldn't stop gushing.

I always feeling like LOL-ing when I see this photo. I love the jacket (left) and YY loves the knit (right).

That's all for now! I'll be posting the rest of the photos that I've taken after the event. Can't wait for tomorrow!




  1. Great photos! Looks like quite the experience.

  2. soph: yeaps. i've been to fittings before but last night was great cause i had so much fun! =)

  3. Haiiii I really enjoyed meeting you and YY! I had a great time. :D

    Your photos look amazing btw! I'm still editing mine ):

    I look forward to seeing you (and YY) at the party! ♥

  4. hey lenne! thanks! it was super nice meeting you too! see you tomorrow night! =)