Sanrio x Dr. Martens x 01.09.10

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My UO package arrived just in time for the DM launch! I was so happy cause I was hoping that I could wear my bunny hairband to the event. Oh! And I bought some eye make up from UO as well. I always wanted to try the white eye liner look.

Picked up Pia and off we go!

The first thing that greeted us at the DM store at Orchard Central. Hello Kitty Toast. SO CUTE! There were Hello Kitty cookies, pancakes and cupcakes as well.

Pia's necklaces.


This is too cute. And yes there were people queuing up for the store to be opened so that they can get those boots!

My favourite range from DM.

Bloggers posing with the Hello Kitty ring they got off the cupcake.


Pia trying on the boots.

Me trying on the black ones.

After that we went to walk around cause I had to do some market research for my marketing project. Then we went to Marmalade Pantry for some light lunch cause we were still quite full from all the Hello Kitty treats.

Pia's rings.

She just had to do that.

And forced me into doing it as well.

End off this post with something funny. Heh.




  1. HAHAHAHAHA, you actually posted that photo up for so many people to see!!!! You just wait till I get weird photos of you too.

  2. I love your eye make up in this post! :)

  3. ARGH Venetia, why do you do these things to me? I was so proud of myself for walking out of the boutique last week without buying a pair, and now, all thanks to your post.... I'm gonna go back and buy it.... *Shakes head!!!

  4. I love the rings! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  5. lifeintechnicolor: hahaha. one pair of DM = two pairs from Vestiges. =x

  6. Bought the said two pairs. You're feeding my habit...*shakes head. Well, nothing like a pair of shoes to make one happy!