I Died, I Seriously Died!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whenever I'm stressed, I tend to online window shop cause looking at pretty shoes makes me happy. But my heart literally exploded just now. I didn't know I would stumble on super yummilicious shoes. Someone slap me, I should be doing my 3500 words report right now.

I love this Jerome C. Rousseau Suede Leather Pumps. Brogue heels are totally the shoe of the season, I'm so over clogs right now (just the covered clogs, I still love sandal clogs like my Miu Miu).

Miu Miu Metal Square-Toe Pumps. The only brand that successfully made me drool over their shoes for a few seasons in a row (okay other than Balenciaga).

YSL Palais Block Heel Suede Pumps. Love anything that's suede! This can be my red suede wedges' sister.

I'm seriously contemplating on getting one of these.

Givenchy Sandals at S$500, I'm not sure how much is the shipping. I've been dying to own a pair of Givenchy ever since I started wearing heels.

This pair of Maison Martin Margiela Wedge Sandals is TO DIE FOR. They did PVC so much better than the Prada ones and they're on sale for S$700.

Need to get back to report writing. Wish me luck!




  1. love the YSL Palais Block Heel Suede Pumps.
    I think you should get Givenchy Sandals,its so prettty! :>

    Good luck on your report!

  2. hey there! big fan of your style and your shoes! I was just wondering if it was possible if you brought back the older designs for future sprees on vvestiges cause i'm so in love with them!

  3. tiptoptoe: do let me know which are the designs cause not everything is available. thanks!

  4. hey babe,

    where did u see Maison Martin Margiela Wedge Sandals at? which website? been looking for it for ages!!

    thanks alot!

  5. cutesyfartsy: hi there! so sorry but I can't remember! but you can try and search for maison martin margiela. they'll show all the websites that are selling MMM stuff. =)

  6. Get the MMM wedges they're GORGEOUS!!! :O

  7. krystal: I KNOW RIGHT! super gorg but it's S$700!