G2000 x 15.09.10

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pia and I were late for the G2000 event cause dear me totally forgot to check the street directory before I left my place. I kind of knew where the building was but we just couldn't really pin point where it was and we finally found the place after going round and round in CBD for like 20mins.

Didn't get nice photos of the outfits cause I was standing at an awful spot.

The ONLY photo I got of the showcase of their AW apparel.

Pia and her flaming red/orange hair.

Since I didn't get any photos, I should show you guys some of my favourite looks from their catalog.

My favourite range out of the whole collection is the G2000 Woman Comfort.

Very Jil Sander. Nice. Oh ya I forgot to mention that their clothes are quite affordable, so you guys should totally go check it out. It's not all office wear anymore cause they have a new creative director now and she has revamped G2000. So some of their clothes are more casual chic which is awesome.

We were thirsty so we went down to the basement to get some drinks and I took photos of Pia's accessories.

Mad huge!

Her outfit for the day.

And she's super excited about her new bag.

She literally eye stalked this guy's bag. It's from Etro and it costs 3k. It's HUGE.

Remember Terry from the previous Zouk Flea? Well ya, I saw him at the G2000 event and I knew that I had to get a photo. Love his pants! Oh and he's one of the editors of I-S Magazine.



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