Topshop Autumn Winter 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love Singapore. I'm proud to be a Singaporean. I'm blessed to be born here. I've no complains about our lovely country except..

WHY DON'T WE HAVE AUTUMN WINTER HERE?! Our autumn and winter is RAIN!

After receiving the press release in my email and while looking through all the items, my heart dropped. So many awesome pieces and I doubt they'd bring most of them in cause of our ridiculous weather.

I'm in LOVE with the feather bolero and I put up the fur jacket cause it seems like a fantasy to me.

The clutch! Want much.

Bomber hats, another fantasy. Heeled brogue is the shoe of the season!

Gucci, Balenciaga and Fendi all in one.

How awesome is this?! Madness.

Love the skirt.

Why don't they ship to Singapore? At least if the items aren't in stores, I still can get them online. PIA if you're reading this you know what to do (help me buy).

Oh ya and my Nikon's auto focusing is faulty so I'd need to get them fixed. In the mean time you guys might have to bear with the lousy photos by my digital camera.




  1. HAHAHA, I was just about to rub it in your face!!!!!
    Hana hana, I'll help you. I'll keep you updated when I'm back! 5 floors of pure heaven...

  2. i have a love/hate relationship with u. hahaha

  3. Fall and winter is not as cracked up to be. Not if you end up in a very cold country like Norway. Give me the heat of Singapore any time of the day!!

  4. upnorthdownsouth: oh ya i've heard from my friends about winter in boston. they told me that the wind could be like needles.

  5. pia: 5 floors?!?! im melting in a pool of envy already! haha

  6. glory: YES! it's a shopping mall by itself. SERIOUS. i was there 3 years back and i still can't believe that i didn't get anything!

  7. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah-

    - please. Topshop is English. Like there is ever anything but rain here.

    Not kidding. I yearn for a New England style golden-leaves, cold brisk wind Autumn and a snowy, crisp mornings Winter.

    But no.

    It's rainrainrainrainrainrainrainrainrain from September to June.

    I do love Topshop though.