Mulberry x 25.08.10

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Mulberry event was great. The place was great, crowd was great and the music (DJ Alexa) was great. BUT I was kind of disappointed cause they didn't showcase the full collection. Can't blame them cause the local stores don't carry their RTW collection anyway.

You guys asked for photos! Here you go!

I love all the blinged leopards! Super pretty.

YES! There were dogs too! Super cute.

Love this dress.

How awesome is the fur coat?! Bet she was sweating like mad though.

Awww! Pug.

Spot DJ Alexa!

Invited Pia with me. She was wearing her mum's vintage clothes and shoes she got from me.

The DJ stand was so high up (check out the photo above) that I couldn't even get a proper photo of Alexa Chung. But when I was walking away from the DJ stand, she turned around and started talking to the crowd. So I snapped away!

This is when my Nikon lens started failing. It couldn't focus properly at all! I was so frustrated cause I wanted to take photos of so many people!

Check out the awesome (out of focus) Bottega heels. So pretty.

We walked around and started taking photos with the blinged leopards.

My outfit for the day.

Close up of my necklace, the only thing I bought for this event.

I was digging through my mum's clutches and I found this. She got this from China ages ago and she hid it from me! Okay actually she totally forgot about it.

And my shoes! My brother got this and the dress for me from Melbourne.

Dress, Forever New. Necklace, Diva. Ring, Mum's. Clutch. Mum's. Heels, Zoe Wittner.

As you can see from the last two photos, I had to use my digital camera cause at that point I really couldn't use my Nikon. The good thing is I got new lens today and they're better than the old ones! Happy.

Oh ya. And I went to get a hair cut. You can see that it's shorter. Will post up photos of my hair soon!




  1. Where did you get the nail polish from? Have been finding this colour for a long time! Please share where you got it from! Thanks pretty! (:

  2. May I know the name? Thank you!