Flea Fly Flo Fun x 14.08.10

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Went to FFFF last Saturday but I didn't stay long cause I was with my bf and his cousins. I've always wanted to drop by FFFF at Home Club ever since I don't know when but whenever there's a flea coming up, something would crop up and I always have to abandon my plans of going down to check out the crowd. So I was really excited to go down that day!

Jackie (my bf's cousin) was so happy cause everything was really cheap (they live in America).

Anyhoo, got a shoot of Genevieve of Trooops. Remember the Muff the mohawk guy from FLB II? He's part of Trooops as well.

Nice necklace!

Want to get a stall for the next flea? Here's their link: FleaFlyFloFun



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