Monday, August 30, 2010

I've been wanting to get a pair of low cut boots since last year but I just couldn't bring myself to buy one cause I couldn't find the right one. Oh and one of my pet peeves is that I really hate those people who wears high cut boots in Singapore. I think it's just gross. Okay need to explain. A lot of them can't carry it off cause of their styling and it's just ridiculous to wear high cut boots here due to the weather. It never fail to gross me out whenever I think about all the sweat in those boots. But I must say that I've seen a few looking very nice wearing high cut boots with their skinny jeans tucked in the boots.

Alright, side track much. Which one should I get? They are both US$88.

I know this pair ain't boots but I just love it. One word. Androgynous!

I love the cut of the boots just not sure about the studs.

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