Bangkok Part สาม

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More street style photos.

How cute are they? They were shopping in the vintage section of Chatukchak and when I saw the girl, I knew that I just had to get a photo.

I love this photo, pity that it's a bit blurred.

In Siam, I was sweating like mad and there she was looking so cool in a polka dot blazer and pants. Psst! She's wearing Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes.

In Platinum Mall, she walked past me once but I wasn't paying attention cause I was planning to shop the whole mall in 1.5hours (and I did, a new record!). Then I went into a shop and saw that she was there having her lunch, it was fate.

I want to go back to BKK soon! Any sponsors?




  1. Love the first two pics--very sweet!!

  2. Wow i didn't realise that people in Bangkok can be so fashion-forward. Nice job photographing the streetstyle scene there!

  3. thanks! they are a real cool bunch, seriously. if only i had more time there, i'd have taken more! =)

  4. The lady with the headscarf reminds me of one of Karla's latest post from pretty sweet!

    Anyway do visit my blog too, i write for The Column -> Mens at!