Bangkok Part สอง

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A few of the outfits I wore in Bangkok. Oh and I wore the same sandals for all 4 days.

This is a war outfit, to brave the heat in Chatukchak.

Wall-E-esque necklace, it moves! Like you can twist it and make it dance.

Leather sling bag from Korea! This is to replace the old and tattered one I got from Bangkok two years back.

Top, The Scarlet Room. DIY Shorts, Levi's. Mini Fedora, River Island. Necklace, Korea. Ring, Chapel. Watch, Korea. Leather Bracelet, Gift. Bag, Korea. Sandals, Urban Outfitters.

My head wrap was too loose.

Top, Urban Outfitters. Shorts, The Scarlet Room. Watch, Korea. Bracelets, Random / Gift / Mulberry. Scarf (as head wrap), FEP. Bag, Korea. Sandals, Urban Outfitters.

Something fancier for a nice dinner at Long Table.

Maxi, Zara. Vintage Belt, Attic. Bracelet, Diva. Leather Bracelet, Gift. Bag, Korea.

Hope I didn't look too sloppy!




  1. Hey! Did you get the bag online recently or on ur last trip to Korea(dunno when tho)? I saw it when i was there but didn't buy, and now i'm thinking of getting it online from a website i saw but they are selling it at a rather pricey amt.. I saw the same necklace too, cute!


  2. hello v! thanks! i got it online, how much are they selling it? ya i got it for around $40 but it's worth it cause it's leather!

  3. the ones i saw are going at $55! :(

    I shd have jst gotten it when i saw it in seoul. damnit! but it's really nice and i love the colours that it comes in too!

  4. YES i love the colours. hahaha. if you want them i can help you order but you'll have to wait for awhile la.