Hearing Damage

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My favourite song from the New Moon OST though the movie sucked real bad, at least the soundtrack's still not that bad. Still prefer the Twilight OST though.

Anyhoo, wore this to get a hair cut last week cause as you can see from my previous daily outfit, my hair is getting out of shape. I'm planning to slowly grow out my buzzed side then keep it long and god knows how long that will take. At least one year or two? Yeaps, I'm going to dye it red soon cause I get bored with my hair very easily.

According to my friends this is the kiam pa (slappable) look of mine cause I'm covering one of my eye hence looking anti-social.

Flip my fringe to the other side and this is the "friendlier" side of me cause you can see both of my eyes (according to them again).

An estimate of how high my mohawk would be if I had one.

Buzzed side growing out at a rapid rate.

Pastel pink nail polish!

Tank dress, Cotton On. Mesh dress, H&M. Necklace, Topshop. Ring, YSL & F21.

Oh and I just wore my super-comfy-and-all-time-favourite pastel pink leather ballet flats from Schu with this outfit.




  1. Hi there, Where can I shop for H&M pieces?
    I love the mesh dress btw!

  2. hello! i got them when i was in HK early this year. =)