Fleashlightbattery III x 10.07.2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks to all those who came down and said hi! The flea was awesome. I didn't have time to walk around to get photos cause I was too busy mending my stall during the flea. However I did manage to get a couple of photos cause I met Pia there, didn't know that she had a stall as well. Though we've not met before, we talked to each other as if we were super good friends. Awesome mosome.

Love her outfit, especially her semi sheer cardigan.




  1. Hahahaha, The photos turned out greattt! :D oh! And there was this girl who was wearing the exact cardigan few stalls down from you.

    We really have to meet up for something, someday. I had a great 5-10 minutes with you!
    And I'm gonna use these for my blog kay?

  2. haha. no problem! ya! we should totally meet up for like lunch or something. =)