Accessories Spread

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some readers wanted me to "showcase" my rings so here you go!

I went to buy this metal tier stand from IKEA for my rings cause the box I was using to place all my rings was super full and I didn't like the idea of using a bigger box. How am I suppose to dig for a small ring when I'm in a rush? I think I'd just pour all the rings out and damaging some in the process.

I'm too lazy to point out where I bought every single ring and I don't think you guys are interested to read one super long and complicated list.

Top tier: Ceramic broaches from Rockstar by Soon Lee and plastic chucky rings I got from H&M.

Middle tier: Gold/Brass rings.

Bottom tier: All the silver bling blings.

Wore the broaches with my denim vest! Aren't they cute? A squirrel and a small cloud. I love them but I was damn scared that I'd break them by walking into or knocking my shoulder against some wall or pillar.

Finally got my hands on this ring! Happy.

Actually after seeing the photos, I realised that I don't really have THAT much rings. Hmm, need to go get more.

School started today and I was late on my first day. Fail.




  1. where'd you get the armour shield thingy ring?

  2. one's from fashionology and one's from korea.

  3. i know how you feel about the "getting a bigger box for rings" i ended up using a tray where i'm suppose to place kitcheneries. HAHA. and yes, the addiction of rings! finally, someone who has the same interest as me! HIGH5!

  4. airshotgun: hahaha! awesome. i just got 2 more rings from F21 today. excited to wear them out. =)

  5. hi, may i know where did you get your tiered ring tray display? thanks.