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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've extended the preorder to a second batch which will end on the 14th, Monday.

Got the beige one for myself, very Marni-ish.

Since everyone loves my D&G inspired red wedges, I decided to bring them in again.

Givenchy inspired! Love chiffon and suede together.

The very design from Burberry's SS10 I wanted to get, since I can get an almost similar one at a fraction of the original price. Why not?

Some readers told me that they love those Zoe Wittners that my brother got me, which I wore it here. Well, I can't ask my brother to get them for you guys but I found these super similar ones.

My jaw dropped when I saw these babies. I've been eyeing the original ones in the ION Burberry store ever since it came out last season until it got off the shelf. Couldn't bring myself to get the originals, too darn expensive. Thank god I found these.

So after seeing a few of the designs available for this preorder, I'm sure you guys are itching to get some for yourselves right? No worries about the price cause my prices are always the cheapest, swear. International and wholesale orders are welcome!

You can click on the link on the right to my shop too.



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