I Stole This Dress

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I stole this gorgeous Armani dress from my mum for my cousin's wedding dinner and she got angry cause she wanted to wear this but I really had nothing to wear so ya, plus she has so many other dresses. And I've got another wedding dinner to attend soon, next Sunday to be exact. Luckily I've got the outfit covered otherwise my mum will kill me.

There's a strap for my other shoulder but I thought that it looked better as a toga so I just let the ruched strap fall. Don't tell me it looks weird cause I don't think it does. If I wore the dress with the strap, I think I'd look older.

My super hardcore shoes that my brother got me, you have no idea how insanely high those were. These photos do no justice to the shoes.

Yes I got that awesome armour ring from Fashionology!

Dress, Armani. Rings, Fashionology & F21. Shoes, Zoe Wittner.




  1. Love the dress, it looks great on you! The shoes are super cool but yeah, super high heels!

  2. Hi, did you have the armour ring shipped from Amsterdam? Did you have to pay any extra duties or customs charges?