Chengdu Outfit Part 二

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I wore awesome outfits everyday when I was in Chengdu but I didn't take a few outfit photos cause:
1. On day 4, domestic flight was delayed and we wasted one whole afternoon in the airport so I didn't have the mood to take any outfit photos plus we didn't go anywhere nice anyway.
2. The photo didn't turn out nice for day 5.
3. On day 6, the bus rides were too damn long and when I got to the sight seeing place, it was too damn cold plus it was raining.
4. My outfit for the last day was something I wore before but with a different top.

BUT you can still check out what I wore on those days when I post up photos in my personal blog, Change In Progress. No full body shots though, I think.

Day 3. The insanely nice interior of the hotel I was staying at.

I bought the beret from Uniqlo on the first night there and I couldn't stop wearing it.

Striped top, Cotton On. Cardigan, Esprit. Leggings, Bugis. Scarf, Melbourne. Rings, F21 & Aldo. Beret, Uniqlo. Shoes, Topshop. Bag, Zara. Watch & Bracelet, Invicta & Gift from Taiwan.

Day 7. The day I visited adorable PANDAS! So I had to look cute right?

Sweater, Urban Outfitters. Scarf, Cotton On. Leggings, Bugis. Rings, H&M. Beret, Uniqlo. Sunglasses, NastyGal. Bag, Zara. Watch & Bracelet, Invicta & Gift from Taiwan.



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