Zouk Flea x 02.05.2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zouk Flea last Sunday was awesome. Crowd was good, all the knick knacks (which I didn't get any cause I stopped myself from looking at them) and of course good bargains! Who doesn't like an awesome bargain? I saw a lot of cool people there but the density of the crowd was too much so I didn't manage to get as much photos as I would love to. As usual the weather was a killer! I couldn't stay outside under the sun for more than five minutes, I think I'd get heat stroke.

Some awesome shots I took that day.

Check out the crowd! Mad squeezy.

One of the stall vendors there. I love her features, sparkly eyes and megawatt smile. Oh how can I forget about her dread locks.

I went outside after walking one round in Zouk cause I needed some air. I didn't notice him much at first cause I only saw his plain tee, however after a closer look I realised that his harem pants, his hair and his shoes were awesome. And so I managed to get his photo right before he left with his friends.

The girls of FrüFrü & Tigerlily, Jasmine, Cheryl and Ginette!

Rarely see anyone wearing a full denim jumper out now-a-days. Had to get a photo.

Drop crotch pants for the win! Oh some of you may recognise him as our local tv celebrity Chan Hanwei. Can totally tell that he's a fan of Comme des Garçons.

This is what I call a true blue awesome vintage outfit. NO FAKES. Gosh I love his sunglasses.

If you missed out this flea, make sure you don't miss the next one! I'll post up the details of the next Zouk Flea when the date's confirmed.



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