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Friday, May 21, 2010

I was invited to the launch of wonderwool on the 8th of May and I was excited to see what they had to offer. wonderwool is unlike most shops you see in Haji Lane cause most of them are either boutiques that bring in new/vintage clothes from overseas or boutiques of local designers.

So what does wonderwool sell?

They sell your preloved clothes! Aren't you excited cause you can sell your clothes and buy more? Well, you can do it all in wonderwool. The owner, Anna, always wanted to set up a shop with the "thrift store" concept cause she felt that a lot of girls tend to wear their clothes once and after that the clothes would be abandoned, and she also felt that vintage items in local stores are overpriced. Thus the creation of wonderwool, where you can sell your clothes may it be vintage or not and where all the clothes are afforable (that includes vintage items). Be a member and you'd be rewarded with Wonder$ with each purchase which you can redeem a gift or vouchers with. Take in prices are accessed by the quality, the brand, the condition and the original price of the clothing.

This is Anna at the entrance of the Loft.

wonderwool is right next to the stairs!

Tonnes of clothes and accessories for you to select from! Oh, did I mention that Anna selects and brings in brand new clothes from overseas as well?

Sweet staff of the Loft.

I must say that I'm impressed with the decoration.

There were yummy cupcakes during the launch!

So cute right.

One of the posters I found amusing.

Seems like it was romper day!

Across the hall from wonderwool is where Fabrix is situated at! You can find quirky lifestyle knick knacks and of cause Fabrix cases for your iPod, MacBook, Blackberry and what nots.

Photo taken from Fabrix.

James and Stacey came along to the launch after the photo-shoot during the day.

Wonderful goodie bag that Anna prepared for me!

wonderwool & Fabrix is located at 16A Haji Lane.

You can check out their websites as well.


Have a wonderwool day!




  1. That store sounds amazing! Wish we had one where I live!

  2. thanks leah! the store is amazing, you should totally check it out if you visit singapore. =)