Who's That Boy?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Say hello to my new hair, which I had since last Friday. Those who follow James Bent's Outré daily would have found out earlier about my hair cut cause I did a photo-shoot with him and his fiance, Stacey Young of kôlek, last Saturday and the photos are up on their respective sites already. I'll post up more photos that James sent me soon!

Okay, about my hair. I wanted something shorter cause my previous hair style was getting hard to maintain due to the length so I wanted something like Kate Lanphear's hair (you can go google if you don't know who she is). I just told my hair stylist (Srico) that I just wanted the back to be short, like really short and just leave the front as it is. After that he asked me to choose which side do I want my fringe to be at, he picked up his scissors and snipped everything away. I nearly had a heart attack when he almost buzzed off one side of my hair but it turned out really nice and I'm loving my hair right now. There's only one person whom I trust to cut my hair this short and that's Srico. I wouldn't have the guts to try if it was someone else cutting my hair.

Yeaps, the (almost gone) side burn.

What do you think of my new hair do? Love it or hate it?




  1. You look so good with this haircut. Totally suits you more! Never grow it long.

  2. Looks amazing!! What a great cut :)

  3. verena: thank you!

    leah: thanks leah!