Spotted at AFF x 30.04.2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here are some really cool people I met before and after the show. As usual I was super nervous at first but got the hang of it after I approached the first person.

Presenting my friend YY! He's a Comme des Garçons freak.

First shot! I like his sunglasses and his hair!

Turquoise jumpsuit!

This is Joyce from KinkyBlueFairy, her outfit is full of wins. Christopher Kane for Topshop leggings check! Alexander McQueen heels check! Awesome hair check! You can visit her blog here.

This is Gina and she's a stylist. I literally eye-stalked her before the show and when I decided to get her photo, she went into the tent. So a very disappointed me hoped to see her after the show and I did cause I stood outside the tent and waited for her! I quickly went to get a photo of her before she escapes again. Her jumpsuit is so nice and I love how she wore it with her shoes and the blazer. Oh and while shopping today at ION Topshop I saw her, she was there to loan clothes and it was nice seeing her again.

This is Dinie from OneSixtyNotepad, I linked him up on the right and you can go check out his website. Love his suit, the lines are very clean and sharp.

Nice outfits?




  1. I like the 2nd, 4th and 5th outfits the best. The last guy is so well-dressed.

  2. Hey, nice meeting you the other day. All drenched in sweat!
    Will link you up soon.

    Thank you!

  3. hi dinie. it was nice meeting you too. haha. i know right. crazy weather. alright thanks! =)

  4. btw i think i saw you on off_wut, am i right?

  5. and you and your friends are quite chic!

  6. polley: thanks! oh what is off_wut? sorry. haha.