The Skirt is Khaki Green

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have no idea why it looks brown here.

Anyways, it has been a long time since I wore a bohemian maxi skirt (I recommended this in the newspaper article in the previous post) cause I cut up my one and only black bohemian skirt (I felt that it was too long and it ended up too short) a long time ago.

Tank, Topshop. Maxi skirt, Zara. Belt, Topshop. Bead bracelets, Topshop. Stretch bracelet, Diva. Ring set, F21. Sandals, Bugis.

What do you think of this summer oufit?




  1. Cute! I wouldn't have thought to pair a big belt with that type of skirt and it really works!

  2. hey, i think the summer outfit's real nice but too bad ppl with like me with short legs aren't cut out for this kinda dressing, btw i love the way you dress and current hair style, to me it seemed much more better than previous one, coz i think it gives some attitude and strong personality, i will definately notice you on the street, i super admire girls who cut really short hair, i know nth abt fashion as a girl(OMG!) that's why i'm glad to stumble upon your blog! cheers! (:

  3. leah: thanks!

    lihong: i have short legs too! it creates the illusion that you have long legs when you wear high waist stuff. thanks for your comment! =)

  4. i love long skirts! this looks wonderful on you :)