The Pelayo Shirt

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ever since I saw this tee shirt from Pelayo's site KateLovesMe, I've been itching to make one. After so long, I finally went out to get the materials and got down to business.

This is a super easy DIY and it'll take around 45 minutes only, it's the pinning part that's tedious.

You need:
1) A tank top or tee shirt, I used a tank I got from Korea this time. Best if it's not too loose, cause the cross would be out of shape when you wear it.
2) Loads of safety pins, prepare around 100. The amount used depends on how tightly knit you want the pins to be. I got the pins from Spotlight at Plaza Singapura.
3) Ruler and sewing chalk.

The size of the safety pins I used are around 3.5cm.

Estimate where you want the cross to be, use a ruler and chalk to sketch out the size and width of the cross.

Start pinning!

Almost done.

And all done! Pin a few vertical ones in the middle of the cross to make it look more complete.

I'm giving away this tank top soon! Do check the site for more details.

What do you think of the DIY?




  1. was expecting pins around the neckline too! the effect not quite there yet.. think there could be more pins in the cross.

  2. wanted to try but it's a tank top so i think it'll be too much if i pinned the neckline. i'm going to try to make it more tightly knitted next time.

  3. where did you get the safety pins from. i can't find them in bulk.

  4. i got them from Spotlight, it's at the buttons section.

  5. how many pins did you use exactly?

  6. i can't remember the exact amount but i think it's around 50.

  7. I think it's NICE