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Monday, May 17, 2010

When I received an email from Lianhe Zaobao regarding an interview with me, I thought I was dreaming. I was like "Oh my god! Are you serious?", and yes they were dead serious about the interview. I'm so happy right now cause I've only started FOYF officially in March and it's already getting recognition. Phew. My efforts paid off.

For those who aren't local, Lianhe Zaobao is like the official Chinese morning paper in Singapore.

The article was published on Friday 14th May and it's in zbNOW page two (half a page!). The article is basically about FOYF and what are the 5 essentials I recommend for this summer.

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Please don't mind my lousy vague translation.

Main Article:

Sun Weibin (my Chinese name) (21 years old) has a special affinity with shoes, when dressing up her shoes are usually the main focal point. She has more than 50 pairs of shoes and there's even a storeroom in her place just for shoes. She said: "My clothes change accordingly to the seasonal trends, however the life cycle of shoes are longer therefore I wear them for a long time."

She's currently studying in SIM Business Management and has no background in fashion design or fashion related studies, hence starting this blog in February (oops should be March) was entirely due to her passion for fashion.

When asked about how she differentiates herself from other bloggers, she said that positioning of the focus of the blog is very important hence she decided to focus on shoes. Other then that, she makes the effort to blog everyday and she does the styling, photographing and editing of photos all by herself.

In addition, she would feature local designers and go to flea markets to take photos of local street style. She said: "My blog does not only provide information on the latest fashion trends/news, I hope that by featuring more local designers, more people would be aware of their existence."

Sun Weibin recommends: 5 essentials for this summer
1) Maxi Skirts
She realised that a lot of designers had maxi skirts in their latest collections and she recommended the bohemian maxi skirts as they're more suitable for the weather in Singapore. Tight fitting cotton ones are fine as well.

2) Shoulder Bag
She's very knowledgeable about bags and said that shoulder bags are must haves. The bag must be relatively small, squarish and has an "air-stewardess" vibe to it. "I saw this Celine bag and felt that it's simple design plus the vintage vibe is very suitable for what we wear right now."

3) Rings
Wearing a ring to complete an outfit is like a cherry on top of a sundae. Choose a chunky/statement ring to add bonus points to the outfit.

4) Wedges
Being obsessed with shoes, she strongly recommends wedges for this summer. She said: "By wearing wedges, it gives you the height plus it is not as painful as compared to wearing heels."

5) Sunglasses
A pair of sunglasses protects the windows to your soul and it attracts other people's attention as well. In the blazing hot Singapore, a pair of quirky sunglasses is an essential.


The captions next to the photos are just pointers that re-emphasises my points.

Do correct me if I've made any major mistakes.

There a online version here and here, but it's just text.

Thanks for all the support!




  1. Congrats! That is so cool! Those are good must-haves for summer as well.

  2. Congratulations!!! You totally deserve it.

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