A Day with James & Stacey

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You should know that I've had a photo-shoot with James and Stacey last Saturday at Ann Siang Hill and it was awesome! I had fun working with the both of them. The weather was more forgiving that day cause it wasn't blazing hot plus it was partly cloudy and did show signs that it was going to rain. Luckily we started on time, it lasted for around 20 to 30 minutes and it rained after that.

I brought my camera along cause everyone only sees the photographed person in street style sites but not the photographer, so I want you guys to see the photographers this time round.

Incoming vehicle! One of the occupational hazards.

James (Outré) and Stacey (kôlek).

What James took while I was taking a photo of them. Imagine 3 people standing in the middle of the road clicking away ferociously.

A selection of photos that James sent me, some are not posted on Outré.

I like this photo, somehow I look kind of vulnerable.

This is my favourite of the bunch.

Me taking photo of James taking photo of me. I always wanted to say that.

How his photo turned out.

Most photos credit to James

There are a few more photos in their websites so you can go check it out.

Outfit post will come up soon.




  1. hey junior,

    nice pink outfit you have! love your new hairstyle i wish i could cut it, but due to work constrait I cannot do it. :(


  2. SELL ME UR JUMPER WHEN YOU DON'T WANT IT! hahahah wanted to get it tt time but end up, I didn't... booooo

  3. no problem! i'll let you know if i want to sell it off. =)