Chengdu Outfit Part 一

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I was away for a holiday with my family to China Chengdu and the weather was awesome.

Day 1. I wore this practically the whole day cause my flight was at 2am, I arrived at 6am and we immediately went out for sight seeing. I was so tired that day, luckily we had like 3 hours in the afternoon to rest in the hotel.

After a quick nap we went out for dinner and shopping. Oh, did I mention how much I love my scarf?

Shirt dress, Lucyd Acyd. Leggings, Bugis. Scarf, m)phosis. Rings, Korea. Necklace, Aldo. Flats, Rubi. Bowler hat, Roxy. Bag, Zara. Watch & Bracelet, Invicta & Gift from Taiwan.

Day 2. Took a domestic flight up to Jiu Zhai Gou 九寨沟, altitude 3500m.

Yeaps, I wore this to climb a mountain, everyone was staring at me like I was crazy.

Sweater, Korea. Skirt, Zara. Scarf, Melbourne. Belt, Topshop. Beret, Uniqlo. Rings, Korea & Diva. Sunglasses, Vintage from Bangkok. Bag, Zara. Flats, Rubi. Watch & Bracelet, Invicta & Gift from Taiwan.




  1. Sick outfit on day two!!! Great proportion and very very cool scarf.

  2. love!
    i cant imagine being fashionable and going on holiday. i applaud you

  3. hello... wondering where you bought black legging :)) you look great fashion sense. I admire u.

  4. hi bena! thanks! i bought them from bugis. =)

  5. hi babe! was wondering which zara did u go to get ur bag? is it still available for sale?


  6. hi there! got it from ION last october, i dont think it's for sale anymore.