All You Need to Plan for Your Perfect Trip

Monday, May 10, 2010

Singaporeans are generally very lazy and like to do things at the last minute so if you need to plan where to bring your friends from overseas around in Singapore or just a day out with your loved ones. Just go to NileGuide!

Let's say you need a place to chill with your boyfriend and have dinner at cause your anniversary is coming up but you have no idea where to go. All you need to do is to go to NileGuide's Singapore page, click on Romantic things to do and Restaurants, and you just need to choose from list of places they recommend.

Is that all? Nope!

If you are like me, super anal about planning for overseas trips, NileGuide has lists of places to go from all around the world! You know how you have to go to separate websites to look for nice hotels, sight see-ing locations, shopping places, clubs and bars. Well, everything is available in NileGuide! So it's like a one-stop website to plan your whole entire trip! The best thing is that you can plan the whole trip with their custom guide which allows you to create your own itinerary online and you can either print it out afterward or transfer it to your mobile phone! Awesome right.

I know you must be asking, "How would I know if the recommended places on the website are reliable?" NileGuide has local experts from all around the world working on the website so NO WORRIES!

"NileGuide allows you to discover things to do, hotels, restaurants and nightlife ideas.  You can get the scoop from our team of local experts around the world and the best guidebook sources on the web and create your own free custom Guide-to-Go, print it or take it on your mobile."

I know some of you may be asking why am I posting this up cause it's totally not related to fashion. This is not an advertorial cause I'm not paid to write this. I posted this up cause I felt that everyone could benefit from this, as everything would be so convenient if you utilise the website.

I've posted a link at the bottom of the right column "NileGuide Top Singapore Things to Do". You can go check it out.




  1. I'm going to Japan for my honeymoon and have been looking for a site like this!!! Thanks so much! This will be very helpful.

  2. no problem! glad to be of help! =)