AFF Warehouse x 30.04.2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Audi Fashion Festival was awesome, even though I only went for one show cause it was my exam period. Anyways I invited my friend Yongyang to go with me cause he's like my fashion buddy now, we speak the same language.

As usual the Warehouse show started fashionably late, suppose to start at 5pm but it only started at 6pm. How we got in was damn cool like they sent us a SMS which is our ticket and we had to scan our phones to get in.

Our tickets! They misspelled YY's name. Oh and I was damn surprised to see that they registered me as The Girl with Fashion, that was my previous website. While waiting for the show to start, they shifted us to the first row therefore nice photos with no heads blocking!

I took like 100 over photos but the first few wasn't sharp cause I was still adjusting the settings. I've narrowed down to these few which are my favourites.

Tried to take a few shoes shots but they were walking damn fast! Got a few sharp ones but I didn't like the shoes. Oh I like the bag.

My favourite pair.

My favourite model of the night, my favourites are always those with short hair. I like the dress as well, the colour's very fresh and the material looks comfy.

Love the details on the neck.

Any piece that caught your eye?




  1. you know if the shoes/clothes on the models are sold at local Warehouse? really like one of the shoes (:

  2. i think the shoes are from topshop cause i didn't spot any in the warehouse shops and i saw a couple of them in topshop stores. =)