Which Pair Next?

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm still lusting over all the Spring RTW Collection shoes! And I've decided to save up for one! It's just a goal for me to work towards to, I won't necessarily get the shoes. BUT there's a high probability that I just might..

Burberry Prorsum. Saw both in the boutique and I like both pairs, they have my size.

Givenchy. Major LOVE! I'd like to get the first one. Someone please tell me that On Pedder has them so that I can go stalk the shoes!

Dior. I saw the black pair at the window display and I fell in love with it instantly!

Miu Miu. I know it's impossible cause they are not going to go under production but no matter what someday, just someday I'll get my hands on these babies!


Saw a pair of Prada wedges as well! Can't find any image though.

Which one do you think I should get?




  1. First Givenchy's or the first Burberry's. Those are my FAVES.

  2. yes i love the first pair of Givenchys!

  3. Burberry! The pair on the right!!! But def the Miu Miu ones if they do sell it. I saw a yellow pair in the store front of ION's Miu Miu. I tried looking for it inside but they don't have it ):

  4. YES! those MIUMIUs! i saw that pair at the window display as well but before the collection was out i did ask the sales person if those shoes were going on production and he said no due to the fact that the shoes were unstable. but they look so sturdy to me!

  5. Rumi has one! Did you see?

    And I've seen it on other bloggers as well. Maybe the sales person was wrong!!

  6. oh ya! that pair! hmm. maybe i should go ask again. =p


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