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Monday, April 5, 2010

I was so happy when I saw this Ashish for Topshop tunic when I was just browsing around in Topshop cause I thought I totally missed the whole collection in stores. I used to go there like every week to check out the new arrivals, yeaps I was that hardcore. But I haven't had the time to go out and shop as much, I go to town like twice a month now. Though the frequency dropped, the damage made per trip increased. Which is NOT GOOD!

Damage done last month was at ultimate high cause I had to buy my mum's 50th and my god brother's 21st birthday presents. Bought a Hermès silk scarf for mum and a Comme des Garçons wallet for Jerms. Plus my most recent shoe purchase, you guys will have to wait and see which one I got! So right now, I'm utterly disastrously broke. Okay. It's not so bad but I feel the pain!

Okay. Back to the outfit!

I LURRRVE this tunic cause it's so Givenchy-ish. But the material is so flimsy and thin, there are like small tear holes around my shoulders already. I suspect it's the spikes' doing.

Yes! You can see my rad red (it's not a typo) hair! I'm going to dye my whole head red cause my current random highlights are fading at lightning speed!

Tunic, Ashish for Topshop. Watch, Invicta. Bangle, Topshop. Rings, F21 & Diva.

Let me know what you think of the outfit!




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