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Monday, April 19, 2010

Why am I always in a dilemma between 2 awesome stuff. This time round, it's bags.

I've always liked the office androgynous kind of bags but didn't give much thought to it cause I had my eyes on the YSL Easy bag for god knows how long. Now that I've got the bag, I'm looking for another prefect everyday bag. Not that I'm not satisfied with my current one! Who doesn't like variety?

Anyway, I've always noticed these 2 bags but it wasn't love at first sight. However it was more like the more I look at the bags, the more I like it.

Fendi's Peekaboo (canvas).

 This is the Peekaboo Roll.

And the YSL Muse Two (suede).

I think this is canvas.

Yes I know the colour scheme is the same for both cause these are the only colours I like. I like the first Peekaboo which is made of canvas but I don't mind the Muse Two as well. I'd like the bag to have a sling strap cause for what I know, not all Peekaboos have sling straps right? And Muse Two definitely doesn't have it. I'm not sure how much it is, probably around $2k+. But the YSL is slightly cheaper than the Fendi.

Which one should I get? I need to do market research!




  1. YSL Muse two! The brown bag!

    It's easy to dirty a canvas bag, especially if it's going to be an everyday bag.

  2. ya i agree with you but suede is kind of hard to maintain as well.

  3. ysl muse two for sure :D
    i am in love with mine, and keep loving it more!

  4. to be honest i like the Fendi more. haha. oh well. we shall see. =)


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