Je m'ennuyais

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The title means I WAS BORED.

So I went to dig and hunt down local fashion sites and boy I'm disappointed. Most of them are so boring! Like it was all bitch bitch bitch about this brand and that shop. Argh. There's just no personal touch to it, for example personal style or what-nots. It's all photos of campaigns and photos from and words (which I didn't bother to read most of it after the first few lines). And most of them don't update often or stopped updating all together. Le sigh. However I did find a few that was worth reading and following like WottonCool, ONESIXTYNOTEPAD and Rock The Trend. I'll be linking them up under Local Fashion Sites.

That said, I hope I'm not too boring for you guys! Cause I've got a few hundred hits per day but NO ONE COMMENTS! I'm so sad. Just HOLLA man! I really want to know what you guys think! Much appreciated.




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