Fleashlightbattery II x 27.03.2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

FLB II was awesome like there were a lot of people bustling around digging for great finds and well I was one of them! Stalls were great cause the variety of stuff that were sold there was just incredible. I got an awesome ring for myself and I saw some really cool people there as well. Anyway I'll just let the photos do the talking (with my captions of course).

Awesome banner Jasmine and Sheila did for the flea.

Heads! All I see is heads!

Squeeze-o-meter: 99%

Some smart kid who sat on the SCAPE cement block and avoided from being crushed like the rest of the people there.

I took some B/W and some other interesting shots.

Muff has an awesome mohawk, he's a hardcore mohawk-er. By the way he cuts hair and does hair tattoo so if you're interested do visit his website:

Awesome fro, awesome boho-ish outfit with an awesome chillax attitude. Nice.

My friend had his hair tattoo-ed by Muff just last week.

Love her outfit! Love her hair colour to bits.

Super cute stall owners. Nice shades and nice hair!

She was really nice like cheerful nice. Totally matches her outfit.

Cool kid.

With nice hair.

Here is FlashLightBatteriess website, go check it out for more awesome clothes:

And if you want to get a stall for their next flea join their Facebook group for updates! Search FlashLightBatteriess.




  1. looking for to your next update!

  2. Great pictures and you overflatter me. Thank you so much! And I still can't over your rings, too gorgeous.

    - Redhead, haha

  3. haha. no problem and thanks for dropping by!


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