Arty Farty

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The YSL Arty Ring is a must get. They are all so chunky and yummilicious!

This is my favourite, love the pink.

This one's nice as well.

This is my number 2! Love the fact that it is squarish.

Saw this at the boutique today. Selling at $280. But I don't really have any 'feel' for this one.

Can't wait to get my hands on them after my exams! Plus the Miu Miu heels! I've asked the store manager to give me a call if any pair from the Spring RTW 2010 range arrives!

Do you like the rings?





  1. I always want these rings soooo bad!! But they're oos in stores alr!! Miumiu ss10 heels? Do you know how much are they??

  2. haha. i'll wait for the new range to arrive. she told me it'll be in stores in may. yeaps! i'm not sure how much it is cos they weren't sure if it'll be available in stores. but i saw a couple online! like net a porter! it was like S$660 ONLY! BUT IT'S OOS! OMG!!!


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