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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I didn't go to the flea yesterday cause I had a bout of rash. Argh. I'm so irritated now.

What I wore to meet my friend for a shopping spree, well for him not for me. Broke after buying all the presents plus the Acne Atacoma. He said that I could easily kill someone with my accessories that day hence the title.

I just got all my maxi skirts, maxi dresses and RINGS from Korea and I was super excited to wear all of them!

I'm currently wearing my shield ring (first from top) out almost everyday! Love the dragon ring I got as well, psst I'm born in the Dragon year!

I went down to Bugis Aldo to get the Alexander Wang inspired sunglasses! I was so happy that they still have it even though I didn't get it when I first saw it 3 weeks back. It's on sale as well!

Batwing shirt dress (worn as top), Lucyd Acyd. Maxi skirt, Korea. Rings, Korea & Diva. Necklace, Aldo. Sunglasses, Aldo. Shoes, Hong Kong.

Let me know what you think of the outfit




  1. hello (:

    love the outfits, especially the rings! how did you buy it from korea! do u mind sharing? :D

  2. thanks! i got it from my supplier. =)

  3. I like ur armour ring! reminds me of the vivienne westwood one.

  4. Very different way of wearing a loose batwing top with a maxi skirt! I like! And oooh u meant this sunglasses! I tot you meant the cat eyes one and omg this rly look like the Alexander Wang. How much is it?

  5. wont you be able to open a spree fr ring? really love the shield ring.

  6. my-secretshames: thanks! someone told me that she don't get my outfit. don't need to understand! admire can already. hahaha! yeaps yeaps! the cat eye ones are damn hard to find. it's on sale now! 2 for the price of 1 so you can grab something else as well. so i got the necklace worn on top and the sunglasses for $24.50!

  7. belletopal: ya sure. i'll try. =)

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  9. hi there!

    you have the looks that kill!

    i hope i am your partner now... :(

  10. hi there! where in bugis did you get your sunglasses from? and really looking for a shield ring too so can u open a spree for them if possible?

  11. manda: i got them from aldo. i don't think i'll open one for rings. it's too troublesome cause there're sizes involved.

  12. hey babe hope you don't mind me asking, how much are those pretty shoes!! i love them but too bad im not going to hk anytime soon :(

  13. stars: i got them for S$100. actually pedder red has something similar but it's around S$300 if i'm not wrong.


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