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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Those who have been reading my personal blog would know that I've been ranting since forever about Singapore not having a website that's purely about local street style. Well, my prayers are answered by James Bent.

Presenting Outré!

James is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth, UK, in English & Creative Studies. His home is now New Zealand, but he's currently living and working as a Learning & Design Consultant in Singapore, and this blog is what he does during lunch times, just after work and at weekends.

Oh ya and he uses a 5D Mark II! Jealous..

Here are a few shots by him.

I like the people that he chooses to shoot cause they are so diverse and it really shows all the different types of street styles in Singapore. I like people with the word "COOL" stamped on their forehead, and from James's photos I can totally feel the aura oozing from each and everyone of them.

If you want your photo to be taken by him, go hang around the stretch from 313 to ION. And of cause you'll have to dress your best.

Go check out his website, Outré! Support local fashion sites!




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