Mesh Hamster

Friday, March 19, 2010

What I wore to the FrüFrü event and a birthday party after that.

My friend commented that I looked like a hamster in the last photo, hence the title.

Anyway, I love love love this outfit. Like every single thing. The plastic accessories are so cute, so glad that I have that pair of earrings to go with my rings. By the way, the rings came in a set of 3, there's a black one as well. Awesome awesome find from H&M.

Mesh dress, H&M. Inner tank dress, Topshop. Rose earrings, Bugis. Rings, H&M. Suede wedges, Vestiges.

Let me know what you think!




  1. interesting textures.
    thought it may look better with something more surpriseing: a different coloured inner tank, or a printed inner tank, and which is longer than the mesh dress. the accessories could be more dramatic - scarf or bigger earrings.

  2. i did try it with a different tank dress inside but i decided to go with simplicity for that day. and no scarf! the weather's hot enough. haha.

  3. This is just lovely. It's extraordinarily unexpected (the fit, the textures--everything) and you pull if off perfectly.

  4. cool outfit and the shoes are nailing it! :)


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