Igor Karkaroff

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wearing this tee inspired by the Igor + Andre one and hence the title. I'm a Harry Potter geek and I'm proud of it! But I don't really like the character (Igor Karkaroff) though, cause he always look so dirty and perverted (towards Viktor Krum) and his teeth are gross. Okay enough HP nonsense.

Remote gone wrong.

Love my necklaces.

Tee, Korea. Tights, Bugis. Necklaces, Korea & Diva. Watch, Invicta. Sunglasses, F21. Shoes, Dolce Vita.

I know I've been pinning up my hair a lot. Can't blame me, blame the weather! It's so freaking humid thus I've been sweating like mad and therefore unsightly fringe.

Let me know what you think!




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