Hong Kong Part Trois

Saturday, March 13, 2010

FrüFrü & Tigerlily opening today was like a nice and quiet gathering. Well, I left early so I'm guessing that the party started like way later.

Anyhoos, back to what this post is about.

While I was shopping in HK, I realised that all the best dressers were usually the local shop owners! Who were all hidden in their shop so I had to go dig them out! They were all really friendly and (no need to mention) STYLISH to the max. You will get what I mean when you see the photos.

I really like her hair, it suits her and her cardigan is way cute.

Her name is Candy and she's totally awesome. Check out the jacket, leggings, shoes and necklace. Basically the whole outfit. I managed to get her email and asked her what's the address of her shop. Her shop name is ANOTHERSKIN (so cool right) and it's located at RISE Shopping Arcade which is at Tsim Sha Tsui. You must totally go to the shopping arcade if you're in HK cause it's where all the eclectic stuff are (think air conditioned Haji Lane).

Noticed him in the sea of greys and blacks (ignore the lady in white coat).

I was sight seeing at Central area and the lady on the right totally got me. An absolutely awesome-mosome outfit. Cool hoodie (I suspect she DIY-ed them), leather-ish pants and pink Nikes. Nice.

My brother's Pumas and bling bling boots.

Stylish business men in suits.

That's all for the Hong Kong trip!

More updates coming up!

Do let me know what you want to see here by emailing me or just post a comment! =)



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