Hong Kong Part Deux

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here are some Street Style photos I took while I was in Hong Kong. The people there are so awesome! They really dress very well and carry themselves very well (though I still hate the shoving and pushing). I guess there aren't a lot of Street Style photographers there cause a lot of them were quite shock when I approached them for a photo. I was kind of shy to approach people in the first place and then I realised that I was letting a lot of opportunities slip by! Can't blame me totally as well cause they walk so fast and some of them look so fierce like they would punch me if I walked towards them. Okay, over exaggerating here. But all in all, I got rejected once only, the rest were very happy to pose a photo for me.

I was literally stalking this guy in the mall. I first saw him in the Marc by MJ shop and I couldn't take my eyes off his outfit. Just when I wanted to approach him for a photo, he left the shop and walked off so fast! I did give a chase but he disappeared into thin air. I was disgruntled but when I went into Lane Crawford I was so happy to see him there as well so I took the chance and quickly approached him before he could disappear again.

I just thought that everything was put together very well.

This auntie's jacket totally caught my attention. I was a bit afraid to approach her cause the older generation aren't really open to being photographed by strangers so I took a sneak shot of her. The end result is really nice! Just when I wanted to press the button, she looked at me and stood still while everyone moved to cross the road. I really like this photo

I like the whole dark and dull look. His scarf, the folded hems of his pants and the shoes.

I took this in a Y3 shop. All the shop staff were dressed so well in Y3 stuff. This pair of sneakers is from the latest collection.

Another sneak shot! Absolutely delightful checkered pants which no one in Singapore would be daring enough to wear on the streets (well except the Butter Factory's owners).

There's still Part Trois!

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