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Sunday, March 7, 2010

7 post in a day?! Unleash much? I know right. I've been saving up A LOT of goodies for this blog. More to come more to come. But I'll be busy with my assignment till Tuesday so the awesome-ness might slow down a bit.

Anyways, an outfit I wore to school and got my hair done after school. My hair stylist loves my outfits, he's such a sweetie. By the way if you're wondering where I get my hair done, I go to X'PECT Studio at Orchard International Building and my hair stylist is Srico (the director). I was suppose to pay like $200+ for the hair cut and dye but he charged me around $130 only.


Tunic, Cotton On. Leather belt, Topshop. Tights, Bugis. Jacket, H&M. Rings, Topshop & Diva. Wedges, Hongkong.

Those wedges are like my absolute favourite pair of shoes now. They are so so so comfy! Earlier on that day, I saw the exact same pair at Lane Crawford (I totally forgot the brand! Can someone tell me which brand it is from!) and after that when I was shopping around Tsim Sha Tsui, I went past a shop selling their last pair Size 38 at a discounted price of 500HKD which is 100SGD. I got them like IMMEDIATELY after I tried them on! We went to walk around after that and I saw other shops selling it at 700HKD to 800HKD. Happy much.

Do let me know what you want to see here by emailing me or just post a comment! =)




  1. those wedges are incredible!! :D i love how they're comfy too... the best shoes are the ones that are unique and comfortable in my opinion... most value for money that way!

    just discovered your blog and i'm really liking it!! i love all the HK street photos that you took!!

  2. omg i love ur wedges!! cant wait fr ur shoe spreee tonight yayy!

  3. lynnette: thanks! i totally agree with you with the comfy part. haha.

    my-secretshames: thanks! haha. you'll be spoilt for choice!

  4. I'm so bummed u didn't bring in the ashish replica in black :(

  5. aw. so sorry but they only have size 225 and 230 left so i didn't bring in those.


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